EC-Day 2021 - 21. 9.2021: this is what our Programme did!


The Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Cooperation Programme has participated in the European Territorial Cooperation Day EC-Day 2021 by organizing the online event "Cooperation is green: examples of cross-border cooperation for the environment" and by sponsoring several initiatives promoted by some of the funded projects.

More than 70 people have attended the online event, which was aimed at raising awareness of the benefits and values of European cooperation. During the event, the results of the call 7/2019, Axis 3 standard projects, dedicated to the protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources, were presented.

The protagonists of the event were the ACQUAVITIS, BEE-DIVERSITY, ECO-SMART, ENGREEN, GREEN HULL and TRETAMARA project partners, who presented the good practices put in place for the creation of an innovative cross-border system dedicated to the conservation and development of biodiversity of natural and marine habitats. 

The recording of the event is available at the following link.

Many initiatives are also being organized by the funded projects, some of which have yet to take place.


Project ENGREEN organizes:

Friday, September 17, from 18:00 to 20:00 and Saturday, September 18, from 8:30 to 15:00 in Rožice an event aimed at learning drywall construction skills. More info here.

Sunday, September 26, from 10:00 am, in Ilirska Bistrica-Prem a trip to the green infrastructure along the Kette trail. More info here.

- at the beginning of October, tours of the renovated ice house of the Rosandra Valley Natural Reserve. More info here.

-Friday, October 1st, from 18:00 to 20:00 and Saturday, October 2nd, from 8:30 to 15:00, in Dolenja vas, an event aimed at learning the skill of drywall construction. More info here.


The WALKofPEACE project, on Tuesday, September 21, offers free admission to the Great War Museum in Borgo Castello, Gorizia. More info here.


Project presentations are available here: 

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