Introductory meeting of the VISFRIM project


On Wednesday, 9th January 2019 the introductory kick-off meeting of the cross-border strategic project VISFRIM (Vipava/Vipacco and Other Transboundary River Basins Flood Risk Management) took place in Venice. Such eventwas hosted by leading partner Eastern Alps River Basin District.

The VISFRIM project, co-financed under the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Cooperation Program, aims at improving cooperation in cross-border river basins through the development of methodologies and tools that will make more effective flood risk management in the territory. In detail activities will be carried out in the international Soča and Vipava river basins and the interregional Lemene River basin. In the Vipava river basin, in addition to non-structural measures, the project also plans the implementation of small flood protection measures.