Project event: NAT2CARE - Kick off meeting


On Thursday 7th December 2017, the kick-off meeting of the NAT2CARE project (Activation of citizens for the recovery and preservation of the Nature 2000 cross-border areas) was held in Venzone.

This is an initiative funded by the Interreg V A Italy - Slovenia community programme that has the objective of getting to know and to better manage nature in the cross-border areas.

More specifically, attention will be paid to the territories of the three partner parks of the project (the regional ones in the Julian Pre-Alps and the Friuli Dolomites as well as the Triglav National Park in Slovenia) but also to other neighbouring contexts that are part of the Natura 2000 European network.

The project foresees the carrying out of concrete, innovative activities relating to the cross-border management of habitats and species as well as actions aimed at increasing the awareness and involving the widest possible public, focusing on younger generations.

A specific section will be devoted to the theme of the ecosystem services, or rather all those extraordinary priceless benefits that the environment rewards man free of charge.

In other words, the project represents a concrete, fascinating challenge that highlights the wealth of the territories involved in a European dimension starting from the assumption that “Nature has no boundaries”.

The initiative, amounting to a total of almost 1.3 million Euros, will have a duration of 30 months and will have the Julian Pre-Alps Regional Nature Park as its lead partner, alongside the Triglav National Park (Slovenia), the Friuli Dolomites Regional Nature Park, the University of Studies of Udine, the Slovenian National Institute of Biology and the Naklo Biotechnical Centre.