VISFRIM - Flooding works in the Čuklje and Zapučke area (Municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba)


As part of the VISFRIM project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Interreg VA Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 program, structural investments are underway to mitigate hydraulic risk in the Čuklje and Zapučke area in the municipality of Šempeter- Vrtojba.

The village of Čuklje in Vrtojba is often affected by floods that cause numerous damages to residential buildings and establishments and do not permt local population to build new constructions to improve their housing standard. This is a relevant problem since further future urbanization in the area will cause increasing flood flows.

Floods start to take place in the Čuklje area; in detail, river waters, flowing inside a small ditch, reach also the Zapučke village of and flow into the Vrtojbica river through a concrete channel. Due to the limited dimensions of the channel, during heavy rains, floods affect the Čuklje village and other areas close to the watercourse.

This investment plans the channel widening and deepening for a total length of 471 m.

River requalification is also envisaged:

  • the riverbed will be stabilized by curbs.
  • inlet will be covered with stones, while outlet with a reinforced concrete bed.

The work  is one of the measures planned by the Slovenian Flood Risk Management Plan 2017-2021 to prevent flooding in the Vrtojba - Šempeter pri Gorici area.

The total value of the investment is estimated at EUR 228.500,00. The project will be funded in part by the municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba for an amount of 34.275,00€ and by the ERDF (European Fund of regional development) for a total amount of 194.225,00€.

Interventions will affect about 160 inhabitants.

Works started in February 2020: in detail, during excavation, unexploded grenades from the First World War were found. The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for civil protection and disaster relief was called to inspect the ground with metal detector. Once the process of securing of the construction site is over, works continue intensively and should be completed by autumn.

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