VISFRIM - Installation of two new stream gauges inside the Lemene basin


Inside the VISFRIM project Eastern Alps River Basin District (AAWA) worked to the installation of two new stream gauges inside the Lemene basin, whose records are intended:

  • to be exploited for calibrating/validating the flood simulation model, planned to be developed in WP 3.1 - Flood Risk Management Related Preparatory Activities, Task 1- Collection and harmonization process of existing data, measurements, studies and other Flood Risk management related material;
  • to populate the web-platform for archiving and visualizing flood-related data (as information from physical and social sensors, results of flood simulation models, etc), planned to be implemented in WP 3.3 - Development of an Innovative Two Way Flood Risk Communication Environment in Transboundary River Basins, Task 2 - Design of the software architecture  and prototyping.

The installation sites and  technological requirements of the gauging stations were previously agreed with several stakeholders (Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, ARPA Veneto, Cellina Meduna Land Reclamation Consortium, Veneto Orientale Land Reclamation Consortium) during a specific physical meeting organized at AAWA’s headquarter on 6th August 2019.

In detail water level sensors, based on radar technology (LPR), were installed at:

  • the bridge in Strada Provinciale 64 – Loncon river (Municipality: Pramaggiore; Region: Veneto);
  • and at the bridge in Via Landreosso – Lugugnana stream (Municipality: Fossalta di Portogruaro; Region: Veneto).


The gauging station in Fossalta di Portogruaro was activated on 26th November 2019; whereas the gauging station in Pramaggiore was activated on 28th November 2019.


Presently all the recorded data can be directly consulted/downloaded from a specific website: only partners, equipped with credentials, can access it.

The following activities are planned to be implemented in future months:

  • the topographical survey of the river sections where the new gauging stations were installed;
  • the estimation of the rating curve for the new gauging stations.
Fossalta di PortogruaroFossalta di Portogruaro
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