Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.

The project in numbers
30 months
Start date: 01.10.17
End date: 31.03.20
N. Partner: 6
Budget FERS:

The project in numbers

30 months
Start / End: 
01.10.17 to 31.03.20
Project progress: 
Budget FERS: 


Sustainable agriculture and tourism development in the cross-border Karst region
Priority Axis 3

Protecting and promoting natural and cultural resources

Specific Objective: 
OS 3.1.
Investment Priority: 
PI 6c
Overall Objective of the Project: 

The main objectives are (1) to increase collaboration among stakeholders in preparing common agri-tourism facilities that guarantee the protection and sustainable use of the natural heritage, (2) to decrease the environmental impact of the traditional production processes, and (3) to improve product quality by reinforcing the shared promotion of Terrano DOC and "Kraski Prsut" wine. The aim is also to boost the development of sustainable tourism and the protection of biodiversity.

Project summary: 

The Classic Karst region is a unique geographical area with a rich natural and cultural heritage. The combination of the cultural landscape and the natural conservation areas renders the territory unique on a worldwide scale, thus offering the agri-tourism sector a whole range of new opportunities to be explored. The Karst region’s image has changed considerably over the past few decades.
The areas once cultivated and traditionally used for agriculture have been replaced by an overgrown landscape covered in forests. The preservation of the population, the traditional use of the land, and the protection of the Karst region’s heritage can be encouraged through the development of tourism and agriculture. One reason why the land is being abandoned and becoming overgrown with vegetation lies in the poor cross-border connections between the local stakeholders, and the inability to quickly adapt to the market. The project will help stakeholders implement more modern approaches to the production of the Karst region’s traditional products (implementation of the e-Karst application for monitoring the status of the vineyards, optimisation of the wine and ham production processes). The aim is to improve/harmonise quality, increase competitiveness, and reduce costs, all without having a negative effect on the environment. The regional and inter-institutional partnership will serve to ensure the cross-border protection of Terrano wine as a traditional product of the Karst region. Within the context of the Karst region promotional activities, new itineraries will be established, along with a cross-border centre for promoting local products with the regional wine shop in Štanjel. The existing "Hotel del buon Terrano" platform will be enhanced, and its recognisability will be improved using modern marketing approaches. The project will also help the local population improve the competitiveness, recognisability, and quality of the local products.

Main results: 

The results are as follows: 1. The joint development of the eco-organic agri-tourism sector in the Karst region, in order to preserve the cross-border territorial heritage, with particular regard to the naturalistic aspects and traditional local products 2. The implementation of tools for the joint implementation of the Common Procedural Guidelines on the cross-border cultivation and protection of Teran/Terrano wine as an example of good practice in the implementation of similar common management tools useful for other cross-border products. The tourism offering begins with high quality products in a pristine natural environment. The project contributes to reducing the level of pollutants in the area and optimising the use of water through an online control system, a specific cost/benefit analysis, and better practices and local production technologies, while improving the stakeholders’ competence. This will also contribute to the faster approval and implementation of the Common Procedural Guidelines on the cross-border protection of Teran/Terrano wine. Through the upgrading of the online platform and the new itineraries with the action plan for the operators’ joint presence on the agri-tourism market, the local producers and tour operators will be brought together and identified according to their specific natural and cultural heritage. The aim of improving the territory’s accessibility will also guarantee additional transport lines for tourism. The destination’s greater recognisability with the products and the local offering will be guaranteed through their joint presence at festivals, international trade fairs, and tourist events, as well as through harmonised promotional materials and multimedia activities. The offering will also be promoted and disseminated through the hotel’s computer point, and through the creation of a common cross-border centre for the promotion of local products with a regional wine shop in Štanjel.


Lead Partner

Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije


Project partner 1

Univerza v Trstu


Project partner 2

Universita degli studi di Udine


Project partner 3

Univerza v Novi Gorici


Project partner 4

Občina Komen


Project partner 5

Confesercenti Venezia



Poster evento annuale 30/05/2018Poster evento annuale 30/05/2018
( 782 bytes, published on 11 June, 2018 - 17:40 )
Akademija o teranu - Preliminarni rezultati študije mlečnokislinskih bakterij, povezanih z vinom teranAkademija o teranu - Preliminarni rezultati študije mlečnokislinskih bakterij, povezanih z vinom teran
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Akademija o teranu - Lo scouting delle malattie e dei parassiti nei vigneti del Carso nel 2018Akademija o teranu - Lo scouting delle malattie e dei parassiti nei vigneti del Carso nel 2018
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Akademija o teranu - Stato dell'acqua dei vigneti del Carso nel 2018Akademija o teranu - Stato dell'acqua dei vigneti del Carso nel 2018
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Akademija o teranu - Il consumo moderato di vino ha un effetto benefico sulla saluteAkademija o teranu - Il consumo moderato di vino ha un effetto benefico sulla salute
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Objectives and Activities


The aim of the project is to improve quality and increase competitiveness while reducing the negative impact on the environment and reducing costs. The promotion of Karst will create new itineraries and cross-border center for the promotion of local products with regional oenotheque in Štanjel. The already established accommodation platform "Hotel dobrega terana" will be upgraded and it's visibility will be ensured. The project will help local people improve the quality, competitiveness and visibility of local products.

Recently, we have presented the results of project activities at the international symposium Academy of Terran wine in Štanjel. Beside that we have cooperated in in several promotional events aimed for different target groups and the media. Together with project partners we have monitored vine diseases, vine water stress, grape maturity and vinicultural and oenological parameters in Teran production. We have performed research on grape polyphenolic profiles in order to improve the phenolic maturity of grapes, as well as microbiological analyzes of lactic acid bacteria. The results are regularly published in the newly established web application e-Karst. Karst viticulturists, who implemented improved vineyard and cellar technologies for better Teran quality have received special awards.



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