Official opening of the DIVA HUB unit KREApoint


As part of the DIVA strategic project, the PTP technology park has set up a space, the creative HUB, KREApoint, which was officially inaugurated on October 27, 2021.

“KREApoint is a space for innovative creative meetings with the aim of transferring knowledge and experience between different professionals. It is a space for learning, the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and is also intended for young people. With the creative space KREApoint, we are creating a multifunctional environment in which we will organize various events, workshops, presentations, promotional and marketing activities", said the director of the PTP, Tanja Kožuh.

At the opening of KREApoint, Matija Klinkon, director of LED Luks d.o.o., presented the pilot project DIVA Recyclable led. Together with creative partner Bojan Ceglar (Procenta), they will develop a lamp prototype in recycled material. Research on how to combine waste materials into an aesthetically appealing and functional new product is also planned.

Other successful Startups also presented themselves at the event, presenting their products.

The official opening continued with a meeting of the Business Club, which connects entrepreneurs of different profiles.