Acquavitis - Congratulations to Alessandro


With the closure of the second year of the project, the research fellowship linked to the activities of the Acquavitis project of the University of Udine of the researcher Alessandro Pichierri is finishing. Throughout 202 Alessandro actively participated in the field trials and research of the project correlated with the monitoring of water stress in the experimental vineyards and with the innovative strategies adopted to assess the water needs of the grapevine, such as the use of the decision support system (DSS) of ITK company. He also collaborated or the management of field tests with different methods of soil management in the vineyard. From January 2022 he will start his PhD in Life and Environment Sciences at the University of Trieste. His doctorate project aims to enhance water and nutritional savings for the optimization of the production of Vitis vinifera cuttings. Congratulations to Alessandro for the work done and congratulations on the new project!