ACQUAVITIS in the weekly magazine Gente Veneta


On 17 December 2021 an article was published in the weekly magazine of Gente Veneta (n.47) which reports the preliminary results of the isotope analysis on xylem sap and soils collected as part of the Interreg Acquavitis project - Innovative solutions for the efficient use of water in cross-border viticulture. The analysis involves the Ice Core and Environmental Geochemstry working group of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, one of the six project partners of Acquavitis, led and coordinated by prof. Barbara Stenni of the Department of Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Statistics of the University.

The group has completed the analysis of the rainwater and water samples extracted from the vines and soils of the vineyards in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia in the year 2020 and they are working on the summer season 2021 samples. The article says: "The vines takes water mainly with their roots near at the surface. And only when conditions are a little more difficult for them,  they drink at greater depths. In short: they accurately dose fatigue and maximize efficiency ".The project and the data analysis work will continue in 2022. The partners are already preparing, in collaboration with the Latisana wine consortium, for the organization of the workshop at the end of January for producers, operators and technicians of the wine sector. The workshop, coordinated by the University of Udine, in which the working group of the Ca 'Foscari University also participates, will focus on the analyzes and results related to the vineyards of the Bassa Friulana valley starting from isotopic analyzes, geomorphological analyzes of soils, water potential data, green manure test data, etc. For Acquavitis researchers, 2022 will therefore be the year dedicated to disseminating and transferring knowledge of the results to all target groups and stakeholders involved.