Crossit Safer: 4th Partner Meeting


The lead project partner, La protezione civile Friuli Venezia Giulia, has organized the 4th partner meeting. The meeting took place just before Christmas holidays, however, due to the coronacrisis it was forced to be held only virtually which was the first of this kind on our project. We met on 21 December: the first part of the meeting lasted between 10am and 12am and the second one between 2pm and 3pm. The meeting was coordinated by Ms Mara Černic of the Euroservis Company who proved to be excellent in running the meeting. Some of our partners, precisely LP, PP2, PP4 and PP5 each gave their own presentation of the past activities as well as of the activities that need to be carried out in the future, all in English language. Despite being short, the presentations were very helpful and instructive. They illustrated the current project status and emphasized where to put particular focus in the future.  The streering comittee began in the second part of the meeting, after a much needed pause. Mostly, the discussion revolved around a possible eventual extension of the project’s duration. Happy with the outcome, we parted ways hoping to see each other soon in person.