Crossit Safer Study of the wildfire risk 2


Between 14 and 17 September 2020, when the vegetation was still in summer condition, PP2 (Obcina Ajdovscina) was visited by Università Degli Studi di Padova (PP7) for some important fieldwork. The three areas visited were specified and established as important for the study of wildfire risk – activity WP 3.2.3. The three critic areas are Črniče, Šturje and Planina, all located in the Municipality of Ajdovscina.

The 3-full-working-day programme included the sampling of at least 2 plots for each hamlet, focusing on the ostryo-quercetum with pine as the most fire-prone vegetation of the municipality.

Our colleagues from PP7 made a fire simulation program and simulated a fire with average forest parameters, on a dry day, on a 30% slope. The outputs depend on the wind speed (one of the main drivers during fires), and it is possible to change the inputs to explore more situations (e.g., changing slope, management of the forest, etc.).