Crossit Safer: A training on the theme of fire extinguishment


On March 27, 2021, Gasilska enota Nova Gorica – GENG organized within the project a training on the theme of fire extinguishment. The training included also a practical exercise on the scenario when fire occurred in natural environment and later spread to a nearby landfill site. The duration of the training course was 3 hours, lasting between 9am and midday.

The main purpose of the exercise was to improve the skills of the procedure in case of fire, more precisely the skills needed for all the activities that must be executed when a fire bursts out – from starting putting it out, calling the emergency number until the very final extinguishment of the fire and collaborating at recovery.

The goal was to test the preparation of fire fighters in all the phases and activities in putting out the fire.  Without previous warning, also a search of a missing person took place – a drone bought within the Crossit Safer Project was used for this activity and also for fire monitoring and other necessary activities.

Due to all the limitations connected with the ongoing epidemic of covid19, the event was reaching out only to internal public. 38 people took part in the exercise, most of them were fire fighters (professional and volunteers).

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