Eco-Smart: 20.06.22 - Results of the online Conference entitled: Management, enhancement and conservation of ecosystems and habitats of 10.06.22


The joint webinar organized by the partnership of projects co-financed under axis 3 by the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 Program took place on 10 June.


During the event, the innovative technologies, tools and pilot solutions created for the promotion of an advanced and technological integrated management aimed at the conservation of biodiversity, the maintenance and improvement of the ecosystem services provided and the correct use of the territory were presented. of resources in order to protect ecosystems and habitats from the effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities.


Speakers: Acquavitis, Engreen, Eco-Smart, Tretamara, GreenHull, Bee-Diversity


Objective of the Project: the development and testing of technologies and joint innovative solutions for the protection, the efficient use of water resources, the planning of risks associated with extreme events to combat climate change.


Project Objective: Promote cross-border cooperation to ensure the protection and conservation of habitats and protected species linked to green infrastructure in the IT-SI cross-border territory


Project Objective: The general objective of the project is to evaluate and test the economic feasibility at an inter-regional level to finance actions to safeguard the biodiversity of NATURA 2000 areas through pilot applications of payment systems for Eco Systemic Services (PES).


Project Objective: The TRETAMARA project aims to propose participatory solutions that respond to territorial challenges in the field of the environment and natural resources. In line with the objective of the Program, TRETAMARA aims to capitalize on previous knowledge, to enhance the best management practices, leading to the drafting of a document that supports, where missing, the preparation of management plans for coastal and marine SIC areas , contributing to the harmonization of the Plans at the level of the Upper Adriatic, also proposing national and transnational guidelines for an integrated management of marine-coastal habitats of high ecological value (coralligenous and rhodolite and maerl bottoms of trezze, tegnue, detrital environments, formations in Cladocora, seagrass meadows).


Project objective: to improve the protection of the environment through the development of:

3 prototypes of innovative green technologies (IGT) for cleaning: Modular remotely operated submarine vehicle (ROV) with cleaning equipment and a modular wastewater treatment plant, on shore.

Guidelines for the development and use of these technologies, in compliance with existing regulations, to be submitted to the Authorities and the marinas.


Goal of the project:

Monitoring and management of biodiversity in N2K areas considering the bees-environment and bees-agriculture relationship and production of management guidelines in agricultural areas aimed at the well-being and health of bees (and pollinators)

Attached are the video files and presentations:


Webinar 10_06_22 - Presentations by the speakersWebinar 10_06_22 - Presentations by the speakers
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