ENGREEN – Youtube channel


Dear friends of the ENGREEN project!

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where you can watch various videos created as part of the project:

  • to see what we have achieved (many pilot activities and many nice events)
  • discover the beauties of the territories included in the project
  • get know the details of the territory of Ceggia and Gruaro in the Veneto

On our channel, you can also watch videos of very interesting Biological Evenings, which the University of Koper-Capodistria created for the ENGREEN project.



And then there is our friend Vincenzo or Surviver Domačo, who promotes this area through his very popular channel and was also with us at our last event in Val Rosandra to present the renovated icehouse:


Are you interested in how the first visit to the icehouse two years ago went?