SALUTE-ZDRAVSTVO Signature of of the implementation cross-border protocol for the management of acute mental health cases


On the 7 September 2020, the cross-border task force of the Salute-Zdravstvo project, composed of experts in the mental health field, signed the "cross-border implementation protocol for the management of acute mental health cases" which will enable the use of the same methods of treatment in the cross border territory of EGTC GO.
In particular, this working group is collaborating to combine the Slovenian mental health model with the territorial tradition and practices that characterizes the Italian mental health model, where the deinstitutionalization work carried out by Franco Basaglia, culminating in the law 180 of 1978, allowed the closure of psychiatric hospitals and the creation of mental health departments which, through the Centers for mental health (CSM), favored the overcoming of the model centered on psychiatric hospitals.

The 24-hour Centers for mental health are located outside the hospitals and, through the work of multi-professional teams, offer a series of services always connected with the territory to which the person with mental disorder belongs. They provide 24-hour hospitality in times of crisis and construction of personalized care programs in collaboration with all local agencies, through the health envelope tool.

As part of the Salute-Zdravstvo project, a new Center for mental health will be built in the building of the Comunity center in Nova Gorica. The investment is already underway and the conclusion is expected in the first half of the year 2021.