SECAP: "Adapting to climate change in territorial governance: from area strategies to the local context, to planning", Mirano (VE) 28.02.2020


The SECAP project brings together local administrators, professionals and companies related to energy and the environment to address the issue of ADAPTATIONS TO CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE TERRITORY, in the workshop of February 28, 2020 at the House of Energy in Mirano Venice.

The workshop is organized by the Metropolitan City of Venice as part of the SECAP (Interreg Italy Slovenia) project in collaboration with the IUAV University of Venice and the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto. During the workshop, aspects related to vulnerability and risks from exposure to climatic effects will be explored and the opportunities offered by the SECAP project will be disseminated. The workshop will close with a guided tour of the Mirano Energy House whose works have benefited from European co-financing through the SECAP project.

Participation in the Workshop also allows you to gain training credits recognized by the Professional Order of Architects of Venice.

Registration for the event is subject to availability