SECAP: April 15th, 2021. The project in occasion of the online event "Adaptation to climate change in plans and programs of municipalities and metropolitan cities" - by the Ministry of Ecological Transition


The SECAP project was presented on April 15, 2021 as part of an online event organized by the Ministry of Ecological Transition entitled "Adaptation to climate change in plans and programs of municipalities and metropolitan cities".

The Ministry for Ecological Transition has indeed launched an institutional process aimed at spreading the culture of adaptation to climate change at a regional and local level to overcome territorial disparities in terms of adaptation.
Such process is at the base of the activities envisaged by the Project CReIAMO PA “Competences and Networks for Environmental Integration and Improvement of the PA” Line of intervention 5 “Strengthening administrative capacity to adapt to climate change”. The project aims at developing skills, defining and disseminating methodologies for adapting to climate change, also through support activities in Regions and Local Authorities.

The coaching cycle scheduled for 2021 includes discussion with the Regions and Local Authorities on
contents of the methodological documents produced by Line of intervention 5 for the construction of regional and local adaptation strategies and plans to climate change.

The online conference focused in particular on the integration of adaptation into the development of urban agendas for sustainable development, as well as in specific documents such as SUMPs and SECAPs, and the possibility of developing synergies with networks of cities already active in the field of adaptation to climate change, such as the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

During the event, the Area Science Park experts explored the theme of adaptation in the integrated planning instruments of SUMP and SECAP, also presenting objectives, pilot actions and case studies within the Interreg SECAP project.

The agenda of the event.

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