SECAP: LIFE - Call 2020 for traditional projects, sub-program CLIMATE ACTION


The call for the Life program 2018-20 sub-program "CLIMATE ACTION" closes on 6 October 2020. It aims to support the implementation of the EU objectives on climate neutrality and adaptation in the context of climate policies and measures of the European Green Deal, including the European Climate Pact.

The priority areas to which the call refers, within which the project proposals (of a traditional type) must be submitted, are three:

  1. Climate change mitigation (best practice projects, pilot projects and demonstration projects)
  2. Climate change adaptation (best practice projects, pilot projects and demonstration projects)
  3. Climate governance and information (information, awareness and dissemination projects)

The beneficiaries are public bodies and private commercial and non-commercial organizations (including NGOs) based in the EU. Any eligible bodies, which are based outside the EU can participate in a project as associated beneficiaries, provided that their presence gives added value to the project.

The maximum contribution for projects generally covers up to 55% of the eligible project costs. The transnationality requirement is not required for LIFE projects.

For the Climate Action sub-program, the process of submitting project proposals is the classic one, which involves the presentation of the complete project proposal (through the eproposal). These projects must start no earlier than July 1, 2021.

The documentation for the preparation of project proposals can be downloaded from the EASME website: