Thanks to CLEAN BERTH a cross-border plan for greener ports


Following the technical and global market changes, as well as the regulations on environmental protection, the port sector has undergone a phase of profound transformation in recent decades. Considering that the maritime sector is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, there is an increase in the sensitivity and awareness of the ports and the players in the supply chain on the importance of protecting the environment, air quality and energy efficiency.

CLEAN BERTH has contributed to the development of increasingly greener ports. The analysis of the inventories of greenhouse gas emissions of all ports in the cross-border area has shown that particular attention must be given to the emission of ships at berth.

Thanks to CLEAN BERTH, for the first time all the ports of the Program area have defined a cross-border plan for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. The plan defines for each port a specific pilot action which, thanks to the joint development, will generate significant results in the pursuit of greener objectives.

The action plans of each port and the consolidated cross-border plan are available at the following link: